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The ‘Ohana Community Corner

What’s happening in our Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities? We have compiled the latest news, events, and policy in the world of behavioral health and indigenous knowledge that serve the AANHPI communities.

If you have relevant information that you would like to contribute to the ‘Ohana Community Corner, please email us.

As a resource center, the AANHPI ‘Ohana Center of Excellence provides access to resources and information on this website. Inclusion in an AANHPI CoE resource database does not imply endorsement of, or agreement with, the contents by AANHPI CoE.

In addition, we recognize that this resource collection may not be exhaustive, and users are advised not to rely solely on it. The AANHPI ‘Ohana Center of Excellence does not claim to be the authority on any resources we provide, and we highly recommend consulting with elders, community leaders, or helping professionals who are knowledgeable about AANHPI cultures and experiences to ensure alignment with specific ethnic or cultural needs when seeking resources.

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Community Announcements

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is looking for participants for a short study that will help government technology and websites work better for all communities. Our research hopes to understand how to improve the way we verify people’s identities remotely. This study requires some personal information (such as a picture of your ID, selfie, social security number, etc) and can be completed on your smartphone in roughly 15 minutes. Specifically, the study will test for bias in facial matching technology and other methods used to verify identity so that people can get access to services from their government.

If you complete the study and are eligible, you will receive a $25 e-gift card as compensation for your time. CLICK HERE to help us make government websites work for you. You can find more information on how GSA will use and protect your information at identityequitystudy.gsa.gov.

GSA is committed to combating bias and improving outreach practices, user testing, and user experience for underserved communities in civic tech design. We need your help to make this happen. SIGN UP!

If you have questions, check out our FAQ section to learn more at identityequitystudy.gsa.gov/faqs/.

Introducing Parents are Human card game. A card game that brings you closer to your loved ones.

Announcing the AANHPI Community Counts Dashboard. The AANHPI Community Counts Dashboard is the first major activation of Power In Numbers, showcasing critical data and numbers of our AANHPI communities.

Papa Ola Lokahi is seeking interested people for translation support. Please fill out this form if you may be interested: https://forms.office.com/r/vuREx8B1yX

Are you 14 – 18 years old? Are you interested in being in a focus group? The Asian American Foundation (TAAF) AANHPI Youth Mental Health Survey focuses on Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander youth mental health. Please complete the screener questions to participate: https://redcap.link/AANHPImentalhealthFG 

Are you Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, Native American, Alaska Native, or Indigenous to Turtle Island?
Do you live in King County, Pierce County, or on the Tulalip Reservation?
You may be eligible to receive $1250 a month throughout your pregnancy until your child’s third birthday!

More info and apply at https://www.hummingbird-ifs.org/programs/nest/nest-applicants

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