Survey: Exploring Behavioral Health Careers for Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders

The ‘Ohana Center of Excellence for AANHPI Behavioral Health will be hosting a virtual half-day event toward the end of the Fall 2024 semester, Exploring Behavioral Health Careers for Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islanders: A Virtual Student Engagement Event.

This event, open to all students, aims to educate about behavioral health careers and cultural relevancy for Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander students. We hope to inspire students to consider this field as a potential path while honoring their cultural identity.

Please consider completing our quick poll, which will help us to determine which topics you’d like to see discussed during the event.

Survey: Student Engagement Event

If you are a student who identifies as Asian American, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander is interested in a career path in the behavioral health field, we are looking for your insight! Please complete this 3 minute survey.

I am a student who identifies as (check all that apply):
I feel like I know enough about the behavioral health career fields available to me and the pathway to get there.
To what extent do you feel your cultural identity is validated, respected, acknowledged and/or appreciated within your academic journey in behavioral health?
How likely are you to attend a free event online with information on career pathways and cultural relevancy for AA and NHPI populations?

Would you like to be contacted with more information about our upcoming student engagement event in the Fall? If so, please provide your information below.

We will only use this information to contact you regarding this upcoming event. If you would like to opt in to email communication about all the AANHPI ‘Ohana Center of Excellence workshops or learning opportunities, please visit our contact page on our website at

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